4 reasons why a Video CV will make YOU stand out in the graduate job market

In short, there are thousands of CVs out there and with employers on average only spending 10-15 seconds looking at each one, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in the graduate job market.

Paper has its limits. You can make it look as pretty as you like and fill it with as much content but you are unlikely to stand out. In interview however, you can shine. Just think how many employers may have passed you over when, if you could have got in front of them, you’d have wowed them for sure. So why not give them a taster to start with?

Compared to a paper one, a Video CV can be highly beneficial for the following 4 reasons:

1. The employer actually gets to see YOU

Employers will want to hire someone who dresses well, has a good smile, and generally looks the part. What better way to express this than by getting your beautiful face out there!

2. Personality is vital

According to their CVs, everyone in the world is “motivated”, “enthusiastic”, and “dynamic”. It’s a difficult task reflecting your personality on paper as it’s not really something you can put in words! Providing a potential employer with a video of you immediately gives them an insight into who you are as a candidate. Making a good impression at the first opportunity can only pay dividends.

3. Employers will spend more time considering you

I’m sure you’d agree that a good video is a lot more interesting than a load of words on a piece of paper. If you create an engaging 60 second video and an employer watches it all, that’s 4 times the average time spent looking over a CV. That’s 400% more time an employer will be considering you for!

4. It’s different!

To land that job you want, you simply have to stand out and make things happen for yourself. If not anything else, a Video CV is creative and different. Employers appreciate a bit of ingenuity and it could well be the only difference between you and that someone else who only exists on paper.

Although a Video CV may initially seem an intimidating prospect, remember that you can record it as many times as you like until you have perfected it!

So make your Video CV today, upload it your CityGrad profile and who knows what job may come your way! What have you got to lose!


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