The importance of mental health, tips in how to restore it

The year of 2022 similar to the last few years has been particularly challenging for most people. Having diseases, war, a struggling economy, the housing crisis, on top of the general struggles in life (work, school, life, etc) DOES take a huge impact on everyone’s day-to-day living.

According to the NHS mental health is a state of mind and body that can be both positive or negative. Feeling safe and able to cope with a sense of connection with people, communities and the wider environment.

During these times it is important to understand that something are outside our control, however that should not stop you from wanting to take care of your mental health.

As such here are some of our top recommendations to improve your mental health! (Especially if you are a student).

– Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is critical for your mental health, it allows your body to recharge and stabilize. Having an specific time to wake up every day, as well as to sleep will allow you to have better quality of sleep and energy levels through the day.

Exercise regularly

Staying active and exercising is imperial for a well-functioning body and mind. Not only it releases stress, it also boosts your mood and over all quality of life.

Connect with other people

As social animals, regardless of being n internet or an extrovert, we need some type of connection with other human beings. Spending quality time with friends , family or loved ones where you can be comfortable, express your wants and desires is one of the best ways to improve someone’s mental health and wellbeing.

 Start eating healthy

Eating, much similar to our previous tips of mental health, is one of the key stone habits that must be present in everyone’s lives. The expression of “you are, what you eat” is completely true, as the better you threat your body the more he will give back to you.

 Remove yourself from stressful situations

Having stressful moments and situations is normal in everyone’s life. Removing yourself from a stressful environment temporarily, sometimes is the best action you can do. It allows you to both De-Stress as well give you an opportunity to distract yourself from the situation.

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