Movie Mondays: Allied, Brad Pitt, and Exam Season

As 2016 draws to a close, I feel like millennials across the nation are taking a moment to assess just how much of a weird year 2016 was. Aside from what seems like the mile high piles of other surprising news headlines this year, BRANGELINA BROKE UP.

To mark this moment of grief, celebrate Brad’s new film Allied, and soothe our eyes with Brad’s general visage, here’s four aesthetically pleasing times Brad Pitt embodied the feelings of uni students during exam season.

1. When you approach revising a module with way too much arrogance and the exam results come back to bite you

2. At the end of a group presentation, when some know-it-all at the back asks you a question completely out of left field

3. The moment you realise you have two essays, an exam and a speech to prepare by the end of week ten

4. While bragging in the student buzz zone of the library about how late you’ve left it to start your essay, only to realise your tutor for that module is standing right behind you

5. When you walk out of your last exam, severely sleep deprived, and having not seen daylight for the last week, but ALIVE

Allied, by director Robert Zemeckis, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard, hit cinemas 23rd November.

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