Movie Mondays: Star Wars: Rogue One, and your study habits

December 15th will see the release of the best Christmas present any of us could’ve asked for: Star Wars: Rogue One. To help build your expectations up that little bit more (as if they really needed any more building), here are five times the Star Wars franchise has represented struggles every student goes through.

  1. When you get into a seminar and, while waiting for the tutor to arrive, someone else casually mentions the work that has to be handed in for today.

2. When you’ve been in hibernation writing an essay for the last three days, and you finally come out of your room to confirm your survival to a group of your anxious housemates.

3. When that really loud person who’s been talking in the silent zone for the last ten minutes walks past you to get a book.

4. When you tell your studious friend that you’re leaving revision till tomorrow because you want to go to your favourite student night and have time to be pitifully hungover tomorrow.

5. Ten pages deep into a hunt for academic journal pages, when you have to admit to yourself that you’re going to have to change your search terms.

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