Reasons Why You’re Not the Best Flatmate.

Moving into student halls can only mean two things. You either get along with your flatmates or you simply can’t stand them. If you’re lucky, hopefully you’ll get good flatmates but for some of us this isn’t the case *wipes tears*.

Having spent a year living with complete strangers, I know the struggle you guys go through. It’s a tense situation let me tell you that. You have to constantly be reminding yourself that everything will be fine and besides you’re only with them for six months. You can get through this! As much as I’ve somewhat enjoyed spending time with mine, to be honest I haven’t had the capacity to invest more time in our ‘friendships’. I’ve just been busy okay!

Hence, with that in mind, here’s what I’ve learned about living with people at university. Be prepared people!

You take your time to respond.

We are all guilty of this. You respond instantly to your friends but for some reason when it comes to your flatmates, you either ignore their messages or give one word replies. There’s just not a natural spark there you know?

You refuse to go out with them.

I’ve only been out once with my flatmates which was at the end of last semester because the year was ‘ending’. But this varies from individual to individual. At the beginning of the year, you make all these plans but realistically you never go along with any of them. If you were the best flatmate ever, you would have done so by now.

You haven’t cooked a meal together.

Wouldn’t it be cute to cook as a flat? You guys can share recipes and really have time to ‘bond’. However, you have had a conversation about cooking together but how long has it been since then? You have time to cook for yourself (WHEN you do cook) but for some reason you cannot stand the idea of cooking a meal with them. Prefering to eat alone.

You haven’t Snapped with them.

Snapchat is an addiction and don’t even deny the fact that you spend 99% of your time checking people’s Snapchat stories. You have time to Snapchat your friends but for some reason your flatmates have never been on your story? Your friends ask you but you simply respond with ‘they’re busy’.

Every time your friends come round, you leave the kitchen.

We have all been there and I’m guilty of this. For some reason you don’t want your friends to mingle with your flatmates because you know they’re not going to get along. So what’s the point of giving them the opportunity to talk? Nope you’re perfectly fine.

You refuse to like their Facebook & Instagram posts.

Social media is our world because what’s the fun in socialising with people in real life? You know its serious when you don’t like any of their posts. They ask you if you have seen their recent update but you say ‘no I haven’t had the chance yet’. The biggest lie you’ll ever tell at university.

You stay in your room all day.

Realistically, who wants to stay in their bedroom all day when there’s a whole world wanting to be explored? But sometimes you don’t have a choice. Sometimes the thought of spending time with your flatmates haunts you. When you do go into the kitchen, you get what you need and rush out like the speed of light.

And finally: You lie about everything.

How was your day? It was good (despite it being terrible). How was your exam? It went great! (despite it being the hardest exam you have ever sat). You promised yourself that you would stop lying and tell the truth. But when it comes down to your flatmates, lying is the key to everything. You’re going to keep lying until the day you FINALLY move out.

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