Recruitment process and AI 

Artificial intelligence use by enterprises has surged by 270 percent in just four years, with an estimated market value of $266.92 billion by 2027. Surprisingly, the field of human resources is contributing to this expansion. In the hiring process, AI is assisting the HR department in automating a variety of time-consuming processes. From routine administrative activities to developing and optimising standardised job matching processes and reducing the time it takes to screen, hire, and onboard new employees.

Due to globalization, organizations have to increasingly outperform their competitors in order to stay relevant. As such it is extremely important for companies to be able to recruit employees which bring skills and knowledge that will help the company.

Nevertheless the recruitment process is still mostly carried out by human recruiters who personally scan CV’s, online profiles and other sources to find candidates. This is an extensive process limited by humans capabilities, biases, preconception and time restrains. As such organizations are beginning to adopt AI in order to capitalize on the speed for their recruitment process. 

Organizations that are already starting to utilize AI in there recruitment process reported that AI has improved the decrease anxiety levels of their applicants as well as improve overall performance.

This would has allowed for organizations to be faster and more efficient with their hires and at the same time having reports of an overall improvement in their candidates response and happiness with the changes that AI brings

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