The Best Secret Santa Gifts for Every Type of Student

Whether it be for your wild bunch of house mates or old friends at universities across the country, AM CityGrad have got you covered for affordable Secret Santa gifts this Christmas 2016.

  • The Lazy One

Let the lazy student in your life indulge in this opinionated key ring. £6.00.

  • The One Who Always Gets Firsts.

Tactical distraction.

Erm, say no more.

  • The Smelly One: this is more for you than it is for them.
  • For the Student Fashionista

Aimee Song’s book for £11.99 teaches the best way to instagram your OOTD’s

  • This one‘s for The Drinker – careful not to give it to them after a night out, or they may not find it particularly humorous…

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