Thoughts That Go Through Every Student’s Head In The Morning.

Let’s be real. Your high school teachers didn’t prepare you for what may run through your head as a student in university, especially in the morning. We all dread our 9am’s and realistically have only attended one in the entire semester (or year!). After the first semester, you’re just waiting for the piece of paper which says “Congratulations! You’ve made it. Now get a job and leave us alone.”

Here are the main 5 thoughts that every student has gone through first thing in the morning.

1. Is it really worth it?

You have spent 16 (or more) years of your precious life in education and what for? To get one job. Don’t you feel that its been a waste of time? You’re paying a tone of money for the next 3 years in order to be more ‘qualified’ for a job and well, imagine if you don’t like it? The amount of work we have to do does get tiring. Is it really worth it?

2. I need more sleep.

Being a university student definitely has down sides and it has messed up your sleeping pattern. If you refuse to accept this, then you are simply lying to yourself. Okay as much as we all want to get that damn degree, sleep is important too! Let’s be real: most students procrastinate and do their assignments last minute. So sleep doesn’t exist anymore.

3. Shall I skip this 9am?

Who even invented 9am’s?! You used to be in school for 8am all those years but for some reason, as you have gotten older, you find it difficult to attend one 9am lecture. But nope, a 9am is definitely a 9am which you will not be attending. Feeling guilty? No way.

4. Come on, its due tomorrow.

You have no choice but to do your work because hey, guess what, its due tomorrow! You told yourself that you were going to get that essay done before but that didn’t happen. You stare at your laptop screen for hours but manage to just write the first sentence.

5. Italian or Chinese tonight?

Nothing is more important than feeding yourself right? The decision of either having Italian or Chinese food has got to be the hardest decision you’ll make at uni. Remember, there’s Dominos right down the street. Plus delivery goes straight to your dorm. Best thing ever, right?

Graduation is pretty epic and no matter how far that day seems, it’s going to happen and trust me, it’ll come quick. So hold on until then people cause you’ve got this! Break the rules every once in a while but be smart at the same time.

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