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Reasons Why You’re Not the Best Flatmate.

March 6, 2017
Moving into student halls can only mean two things. You either get along with your flatmates or you simply can’t...
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Movie Mondays: Star Wars: Rogue One, and your study habits

December 12, 2016
December 15th will see the release of the best Christmas present any of us could’ve asked for: Star Wars: Rogue...
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The Best Secret Santa Gifts for Every Type of Student

December 9, 2016
Whether it be for your wild bunch of house mates or old friends at universities across the country, AM CityGrad...
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4 Things To See And Do in The Midlands This Christmas

November 30, 2016
The Midlands area gets a bad rep for not having things to do, but there’s actually loads of things on...
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Christmas Temping with AM CityGrad 9.11.16

November 24, 2016
On Wednesday 9th November we invited 7 handpicked undergraduates to our Christmas 2016 Temping event in collaboration with Katie Bard....
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Movie Mondays: Allied, Brad Pitt, and Exam Season

November 24, 2016
As 2016 draws to a close, I feel like millennials across the nation are taking a moment to assess just...
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Birmingham City University Careers Fair

November 8, 2016
Wednesday, although off to a chilly start, turned into a bright autumnal day. This was fitting, as we set up...
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7 Great British Bake Off Reactions That Every Undergraduate Will Understand

October 27, 2016
As PE teacher Candice Brown takes home the title of seventh Bake Off Champion, we decided to look back on...
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6 Examples of Times Donald Trump’s Election Campaign Resembled A Graduate Job Search

October 18, 2016
Rather than being the highly polished performance one might expect of a presidential election campaign, Donald Trump’s has been a...
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The Aston Apprentice – 13.10.16

October 14, 2016
Yesterday we were delighted to host an event at our offices and engage with a number of Aston University students...
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